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About Nostalgia

Our History

For 31 years, we were Lakeland Antiques, located just 3 miles away, across the river, in Lakeland, Minnesota.

After losing our lease due to the library expansion, we decided to find a new home for our 40+ dealers. Our search uncovered the perfect location for us...Plaza 94, on the hill in Hudson, right next to Heidi's Hallmark!

In our new, 5000 sq. ft. store, we made room for all our old dealers plus a few more! We are still a family and happier than ever!

With more selection, more dealers and longer hours, you are sure to be happy with the changes! But don't worry, we still have free coffee, treats, great customer service, clean and wide aisles and a great sense of community. You are always welcome and we are always happy to see you and be of service. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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